SANTA GETS A TICKET…Caught in the act!

Santa got caught… I think it was in Brooklyn.  Afterwards, he would tell the elves he should have used the outside fire escape to get down to the basement apartment.  Parking on the street can get you in trouble!

Actually, the original drawing, done in the 70’s for a State Farm Insurance Company publication didn’t have a background.   I added it because I recently was in Brooklyn visiting relatives and had to find on the street parking… Not an easy task!

We all know Santa has a daunting task.  I’m hoping they let him off.  Even though we know, as the cartoon indicates, he has no defense for the charges.  Maybe, if he gave the Cop a donut…



In the spirit of a Green Christmas, I’m re-cycling some cartoons I drew back in the 70’s. 

At the time,  there was an ongoing “intellectual” discussion at the office about the number of miles Santa must have on his sleigh.  The conversation mostly centered on how many miles he had to drive to get the job done. 

I had an older car at the time and was thinking about getting another vehicle.  I was in the process of trying to get enough for my old clunker to justify making a deal.  A used car was on my radar.  Naturally, my thoughts turned to the problem Santa would have getting fair value on a trade-in when he needed a new sleigh.  

I suspect Santa would do like any car-owner trying to get the best deal… play-up the positives on his trade-in.  You know, along the line of: “I really love my old car and hate to let it go, but my wife wants a new sportier model.”…  That kind of positive.  Like, “There’s nothing wrong with this car.   If it were up to me I’d never let it go…It’s my wife, you know?”

Everyone knows the only reason guys buy new cars is because their wife makes them, right?

I’m not sure if Santa was able to make his deal.  If he did, I’m guessing his trade-in started a new business…CARFAX!


Wall Street vs Main Street Upside Down Cartoon

The cartoon used in this clip was created in response to the original Wall Street Bail-out. 

I am currently in the process of doing a video series demonstrating how to draw a variety of “Upside-down cartoons”… Cartoons, that when turned upside down, turn into something else. 

As I watched the evening news one night, I decided to do my own commentary using the cartoon as a backdrop. This cartoon was included in one of those training clips.  Now, you can draw it yourself!