Treating the “Hole Person”.

Preview of “Treating the "hole Person" copy”I recently attended a presentation by Jeff Campbell, a friend who is an Acupuncturist.  His main focus in the talk was about how he and his wife, Heather, a Registered Dietician, approach their patients as “whole people” and prescribe a plan with that in mind. 

They understand that more often than not the reason a person comes to them is because of symptoms… not a particular illness.  He said a mistake often made in the medical field is to treat the symptom without looking at the whole person to determine what the symptoms are telling you.  Eliminating the symptoms does not always provide a long-lasting cure.
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Flu Bug on Steroids…

This has been one of the worst years on record for the flu… record breaking.

Major League Baseball also set a record…or, at least, a made a statement by electing no new members from the Drug Enhancement era.

The cartoon idea was a natural extension of the news.  Doesn’t it feel like the Flu Bug is on steroids? 

I rest my case…

A Frog in his throat from the Flu.

Frog in his throatFlu season is upon us.  One of the most often mentioned side effects of the virus is a lingering “frog in my throat”.  I got the cartoon idea when I was thinking about the implications of the saying… Is it a health issue or animal rights issue?

With that in mind, I decided to do the caption with both issues in mind.  If you’re an animal rights person, you can rest assured that “no frogs were harmed in the procedure.” Continue reading A Frog in his throat from the Flu.

Santa’s Road Service Claim was denied on a technicality…

Santa has a problem… He, like a lot of Americans, has a hectic schedule.  It stands to reason that to get all his deliveries done in one night, he can’t take a lot of time to eat.  He has to eat fast food to get everything done in time!  A standard American excuse used by soccer mom’s everywhere…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how he got his robust physique.  Can you imagine the conversations between the tiny reindeer assigned to pull the sleigh?  Rumor has it that they call him “Lardo” behind his back… Affectionately, of course. Continue reading Santa’s Road Service Claim was denied on a technicality…


Meetings… We’ve all had to attend a meeting that wasn’t our first choice of things to do.  I spent most of my working career in insurance and believe me, most of the ones I attended fit that category.

I saw a notice on a bulletin board recently announcing the time and place for a Board Meeting.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I don’t even know what the Board Meeting was about.  Continue reading THE MEETING OF THE BORED.