I’m beginning to realize a lot of my cartoons could be re-cycled by simply changing the topic.  Average Americans are all facing the same issue.  Everything is going up… except our income and quality of life.

I drew this cartoon after a large increase in auto insurance rates.  As I look at the cartoon, it would be very simple to replace “Insurance Rates” with “Gasoline prices”, “Food costs”, “Bank Fees”,”Deductibles” , ” co-pay amounts”, “taxes”  or any number of other rising charges we face.

I decided to add a second cartoon to this blog entry because it also is interchangeable.  The cartoon was drawn during a period when State Farm was attempting to force agents into  a contract that wasn’t in the agent’s best interest.  They claimed agents with the old contract were wanted but put incredible pressure on them to accept the bad contract. To update the cartoon, “Agents with old contracts” could be replaced by “Taxpayer” because the basic issue is the same.

All the politicians are stressing the need for “Shared Sacrifice”.  The part they don’t bother to mention is how the “shares” are being distributed.  When the top 1% make most of the income in our country, why is it that we, at the other end of the food chain, are being asked to take the brunt of the sacrifice?  When I see the people at the top willing to accept what the people at the bottom have to deal with on  a daily basis, I’ll feel we’re “in this together”.  The last I knew, human sacrifice was illegal in the U.S…  It appears our leaders feel otherwise.


The problem with taking your cell phone with you...

The Seniors at Big Boy Restaurant in Traverse City solve a lot of problems… every day!  On one particular day, one of the regulars announced he planned to take his cell phone with him after he died so he could “keep in touch with my kids.”.

Naturally, the discussion then centered on the logistics of how he could keep his battery charged, etc.  As I reflected on the conversation,  I had a mental image of his gravesite and how it would look to make his cell phone operational.  The next logical step in the thought  process was to think about how it all might work.  Anyone with a cell phone should relate to the problem.

I wonder if his kids would accept a collect call?


...The story of my life.I overheard a conversation in a restaurant in which they were describing a local businessman as “having the Midas Touch” .

Like most of us, the Midas Touch is not one of my strong suits.  Comparing my bottom line (We’re not talking about physical appearance here…)      I thought maybe I was seeking advice from the wrong type of person.  I tried to picture what the expert with impeccable credentials for knowledge would look like… and drew a cartoon about what he told me.  It didn’t make much difference in my bottom line but at least I know why I’m not rich!  I knew all along it wasn’t my fault…