I got this cartoon idea listening to some people talking about the Rainbow Diet.  The general drift of the conversation seemed to be: “Color is more important than nutritional value”.  One of them was saying, “Green is green… it counts the same if you have Iceberg Lettuce or eat Kale.”  I will never be accused of being a nutritional genius but even I know that’s not true!  There is a BIG difference in the nutritional value of Iceberg Lettuce vs. Kale…. and, these were adults talking!  I’ve decided “Older is NOT necessarily wiser…”

I began to speculate what they were teaching their kids and only had to guess how their kids viewed nutrition.   In the cartoon, I visualized Timmy as their son.  The fact he is portrayed as a little portly is intentional.  (My attorney encouraged me to point out  Fruit Loops and M&M’s are not necessarily the villain here. He’s right.)  Eating what I call “Food Substitutes” is the real villain.  Highly processed food, with vitamins and artificial coloring added is the problem.  Nature Knows Best…  Teach kids to eat  fresh, whole food as the healthy FIRST choice… not the alternative.

Recently, with this in mind, I wrote and illustrated a Children’s book, “Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows”  to encourage kids to think about eating a true Rainbow Diet of Fruits and vegetables.  Lets engage our kids in conversation about their diet and the need for daily exercise… their lives truly depend on it!

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