You all know the saying… “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.”  Have you ever wondered what happens when the farmer or rancher goes into town?

I drew this cartoon for the owners of a Wine bar and Bistro.  I had been shown a similar drawing with a Bull in the tub but, to me, it didn’t fit.  What self-respecting bull would take a bubble bath?  It appears the cow has romantic ideas with the scattered petals on the floor and lit candles.  She even has a extra wine glass to work her plan.  You fill in the blanks…

I imagine the rest of the animals took advantage of the situation, too.  After a hard day of farming, why shouldn’t the animals unwind in the hot tub?  Kick back and toast the good life with a glass of fine wine.

Now, I’m going to leave it up to  your imagination as to what the farmer found upon his return home… Needless to say,  College kids are amateurs compared to these characters.  These are REAL PARTY ANIMALS!

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