You hear a lot these days about blending Western medicine with age old Chinese medicine.  I met a person practicing Acupuncture recently.  What he said about his practice made sense.  Shortly after that, I saw an episode on The Doctors where they demonstrated it.  That started me thinking… a dangerous undertaking to be sure.

With Western medicine so enamored with the pharmaceutical approach, ie, “There’s a pill for that!”, how would the blending of the two disciplines look?  I then realized Western medicine is really not about pills… it’s about DRUGS!  When I had that break-through in thinking, I knew how they could blend the two in a logical way.  So, I drew it.

This is where the Doctor says, “You might experience a little momentary discomfort… like a pin prick.”  Easy for them to say!  I can hardly wait for the disclosure sheet about the possible side effects…

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