Okay, let’s face it.  Government transparency, if there is such a thing, might not always be in the best interest of the general public.  This cartoon was drawn to point it out.

I hear a lot about “unmanned Drones” being used for surveillance these days.  Drones, if I I recall correctly from my brief exposure to entomology,  are male bees without stingers.   So now the government is using unmanned, stinger-less male bees for surveillance purposes.  Hmmm… Continue reading GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY DOESN’T ALWAYS WORK

The “MAGIC” Computer Cookie… Does it come in flavors?

Anybody who knows me would never accuse me of knowing anything about computers.  I cringe when a young person uses the words “intuitive” and “computer” in the same sentence.  “Just click and drag it.” they say in their most patient, Kindergarten teacher’s voice.  Assuming that works, my next question would be: “Where do I drag it after I’ve clicked it?”

Clicking and dragging a mouse somehow seems cruel.
You know I’m kidding, right?  It’s really not that bad but you get the picture.  I feel  like a dinosaur biding it’s time in a technological age.  Continue reading The “MAGIC” Computer Cookie… Does it come in flavors?

Mixing Politics and Investment Strategy…Sound advice?

This might be insider information but I have it from a knowledgeable source… the Seniors at Big Boy, “Bull Pucky” is on the rise.

The cartoon idea came from one of those tongue-in-cheek conversations about maybe it was best to supplement your Social Security by putting your money in Casino slot machines.  Not the companies that make them… a “direct deposit” so-to speak.  It seems a safer bet than trusting Wall Street these days. Continue reading Mixing Politics and Investment Strategy…Sound advice?

Mich. Governor Snyder reads “Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows” to Elementary Students

How cool is that?  The Governor of Michigan reading my book!  In honor of  “Read Aloud Month” and “National Nutrition Month”,  Governor Rick Snyder visited Traverse Heights Elementary School in Traverse City, Michigan and read “Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows” to the students and their parents.

As often happens when reading to kids, chaos broke out  just as he was getting ready to read.  A cute little girl sitting right in front of him  stood up, looked up in the bleachers  cried out loudly, “MOM…I DON’T HAVE MY BOOK!”  She took off and ran up in the bleachers to get the book  given to her by the Traverse City Area Public Schools.  It started a mass exodus of kids who had also had forgotten to bring their books for the  reading. Continue reading Mich. Governor Snyder reads “Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows” to Elementary Students


At Big Boy Restaurant the other day, we were discussing the different merits of snow and ice removal for driveways and sidewalks.  There was an upcoming blizzard warning… something you don’t take lightly in Northern Michigan.

Just before the conversation switched to keeping driveways and sidewalks safe, we were talking about the mild winter and the impact on the deer population.  Deer seemed to be everywhere and when someone mentioned using salt on the driveway, in my mind, I saw an image of deer coming to the driveway for a “deer-lick”. Continue reading DRIVEWAY SALT… OH, DEER!