Treating the “Hole Person”.

Preview of “Treating the "hole Person" copy”I recently attended a presentation by Jeff Campbell, a friend who is an Acupuncturist.  His main focus in the talk was about how he and his wife, Heather, a Registered Dietician, approach their patients as “whole people” and prescribe a plan with that in mind. 

They understand that more often than not the reason a person comes to them is because of symptoms… not a particular illness.  He said a mistake often made in the medical field is to treat the symptom without looking at the whole person to determine what the symptoms are telling you.  Eliminating the symptoms does not always provide a long-lasting cure.

I agree with what he said.  Unfortunately, my “cartoon filter” kept hearing something else… Who are these “Hole People” he kept referring to?  Where do they live?  Have I ever met one?  How do you know if you’re looking at one?…Lots of questions were raised in my mind.

On the way home from the meeting it struck me… The spy movies and books talk about them all the time.  They call them, “The Underground”.  I tried to imagine what it must take to locate them for treatment.  It’s not all that unreasonable to expect an Acupuncturist to go poking around looking for patients. (Pun intended)  I suspect that is how he discovers them.  I had to take this chance to needle him (That’s two!).  He’s needled ME on numerous occasions…(Three puns in one paragraph.  My dad would be proud!)

The nice thing about getting needled by an Acupuncturist is that it feels good and does work.  So, if you’re in the Traverse City area and need medical help, call Jeff… He’ll treat you like a Hole Person!

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