The Tower Garden gets personal.

I just got my own Juice Plus+ Personal Tower Garden…and planted it with a variety of tiny starter plants, lettuce, kale, tomatoes, etc. 

May 5th is not a normal planting day in Northern Michigan… but, the Tower Garden is not your normal garden.  It’s space-age gardening!  Grow Green… Grow vertical.  It will someday be how millions of us get fresh, ripe produce…on demand… at our doorstep.  A veritable farm market on our patio.

As I planted the tiny little seedlings in my tower, I was struck by how fragile they were… babies, so to speak.  And, like all babies, they were really cute.  (Mine, of course, are the cutest!)  I couldn’t believe how quickly I “bonded” with them.

At night, because the temperature was going to be in the low 40’s, I tucked them in a frost blanket and kept them warm with an aquarium heater in the water reservoir.  Several times during the night I would check on them to make sure they were all right… the perfect DAD.

Prior to planting them outside on the Tower Garden, I had nursed them along (figure of speech, of course… I’m a guy) with one of those indoor hydroponic table-top devices with grow lights.  I have pictures of them warming themselves in a seedling tray ( Plant incubator for those of you raised in the city).  It reminded me of a tanning bed and the thought occurred to me, “Do I need to protect them with sunscreen?”… That was a sleepless night!  To my relief they seemed fine in the morning and actually appeared to be getting bigger.

You have to understand.  My previous experience raising plants wasn’t very positive.  I’m all thumbs and none of them are green… if you know what I mean. 

My worst nightmare was the result of normal parental pride…envisioning what they would grow up to be.  It was then I noticed the look in other people’s eyes as they admired the rapid growth of my babies.  Something wasn’t right.  It came to me in the middle of the night.  They were looking at my babies as FOOD!  Can you believe it?

I don’t know if I’m cut out to be a plant DAD.  I feel like a traitor.  I actually wrote a children’s book about eating a rainbow diet!  What if some kid reads my book and comes after my babies?  This is too much responsibility.  I should have stuck with the worm farm.



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