Meetings… We’ve all had to attend a meeting that wasn’t our first choice of things to do.  I spent most of my working career in insurance and believe me, most of the ones I attended fit that category.

I saw a notice on a bulletin board recently announcing the time and place for a Board Meeting.  I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I don’t even know what the Board Meeting was about.  I only knew someone was going to waste a significant amount of time that evening, sitting in a room with other people who probably were also wishing they were somewhere else.  And, another thing… Why do they call them “minutes”?  Wouldn’t it be more accurate to call them “hours”.  That probably would be bad for attendance.

Now, I have to admit my perspective is a bit jaundiced.  I served on very few Boards in my career, so my meeting experience was more of the required type.  You know, the kind where the company official tries to get you to do something you don’t want to do.  That kind of meeting.  “Team” meetings…

I’ve been retired from insurance a few years now but old tapes are hard to erase.  If you want me to help you, “Take one for the team” might not be the best approach.  Try, “Will you help me?”  Now, that’s a concept I understand!

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