This cartoon idea came from an art class.  The art instructor, Betsy, promised to give us the “Keys to the Universe”.   The class focused on getting your logical, problem-solving left brain out of the way to open up the creativity of your right brain.

I have always recognized my strong creative side but it’s often in conflict with the logical side of my brain.  I like to fiddle with stuff and try to repair things I know nothing about.  Therein lies the problem.

For example, when I was a kid living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, I had an old balloon tire bike with coaster brakes.  The brakes were a little sluggish and in Colorado that’s a problem!  Knowing nothing about bicycle brakes, I decided to take it apart and fix it.

Taking it apart was a snap… It was the putting it back together that presented the challenge.  The problem, as often is the case in my “repair” efforts, was the parts I had left over.  More specifically, were they important to the issue of stopping?  I was smart enough to try them out on level ground and… They worked!

I owned that bike for another 2-3 years.  I never got to the the place where I fully trusted the brakes.  Was it just a matter of time until they failed?  Like I said earlier, in Colorado, a brake problem is a BIG problem.  The bike eventually solved my dilemma by lying down behind my Dad’s car and getting run over in the driveway.  Stupid bike!

That brings us back to the original question.  Is being creative a hindrance when the situation requires logic?  I figure the person that knows the answer to that question invented Duct Tape to bridge the gap.  There ain’t nothin’ that Duct Tape can’t fix!  It doesn’t have to be logical.  Slap on the Duct Tape and you’re good to go… Ask any guy.




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