Why it takes so long to get your package…

PKG TRACKINGI recently ordered an item online that I needed in a hurry.  I set-up a tracking order to keep an eye on it.  I was pleased when it was picked-up almost immediately.

Then, the anxiety started… Nearly 8 hours later it was still in the original status:  “Package picked-up”.  According to the tracking information, it didn’t move for about 12 hours!  It took almost 24 hours to get out of the “Originating Location”!

As I stewed about my item not being moved,  I began to wonder what happened that caused the delay in movement.  Then, it struck me.  The specialist, the “Pick-up Person”, was not authorized to do anything but pick it up! 

Actually moving it required the expertise of a more skilled employee… A “Mover”, maybe?  Was the next stage, the “Shaker” stage?  You know, like in  “Movers and Shakers” that business people always talk about.  That part I didn’t want to know about.  It might explain damaged packages…if the “Shaker” wasn’t very good at their job!

I wondered what the “Picker-Upper” looked like and what they actually were authorized to do.  Thus, the cartoon was born and a better understanding of why it took so long to get my package.  I now have more appreciation for “Snail Mail”… at least snails appear to move!

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