Santa’s Road Service Claim was denied on a technicality…

Santa has a problem… He, like a lot of Americans, has a hectic schedule.  It stands to reason that to get all his deliveries done in one night, he can’t take a lot of time to eat.  He has to eat fast food to get everything done in time!  A standard American excuse used by soccer mom’s everywhere…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how he got his robust physique.  Can you imagine the conversations between the tiny reindeer assigned to pull the sleigh?  Rumor has it that they call him “Lardo” behind his back… Affectionately, of course.

The reindeer knew it was only a matter of time until the fast food caught up to him. When it did, he got stuck in a chimney.  Since he was on a  trip, he thought getting stuck in a  chimney should be covered under his road service.  Unfortunately, there is a basic insurance  principle applied to determine coverage…”The BIG print giveth and the little print taketh away!”  Ever notice how much more little print there is in an insurance policy?  Now you know why.

No coverage.  It was a Sleigh policy, not a Lardo policy!  He got stuck, not the sleigh.

There’s a moral to this story…There’s a lot being written about diabetes, adult and childhood obesity, heart disease and all the related health issues caused by the American diet.  There’s a pretty simple solution, one that could make a huge difference for all of us… “Exercise and eat more fruit and vegetables!”  Just do it… Don’t get stuck
with bad health.

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