Everybody loves Girl Scout cookies

Steve, my neighbor, has two daughters who make the annual pilgrimage to our house to sell us Girl Scout cookies.  As a good American, I buy more than I should, even though I’m “O & O”… Old and Overweight.  I do what I can… to help the cause.  Unfortunately, I have about 5 favorite kinds.  If I just buy my favorites, I’m in trouble!

Steve has a great sense of humor.  One day we were talking about cartoons and he said he had a cartoon idea he wanted me to draw.  This cartoon is his idea.  I never asked him where he got the idea, but I’m guessing the idea of tossing Girl Scout cookies probably came near the end of the campaign with a stash of unsold cookies and not wanting to admit you couldn’t sell what you agreed to take.  Or, more likely, knowing you didn’t want to buy 50 boxes of cookies to support your scout.

As a parent and veteran of fund-raising wars, I can relate.  I know of one parent who offered Girl Scout cookies year round.  We often accepted them but secretly wondered how fresh they were.   We never had the courage (or sense) to check the expiration date.  Maybe it wasn’t the best plan, but… Girl Scout cookies can’t possibly go bad, right?

Have you ever wondered where the saying “Toss your cookies” originated?  Who started it?  What event triggered the saying?  Now, thanks to Steve, we don’t have to wonder anymore… But, I suspect, due to the universal understanding of what it means, one of the girls might not have been enjoying the ride because she ate too many cookies… Just a theory, you know?


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