BEER BATTERED PERCH…Where are the Animal Rights Activists?

We went out to dinner last night and something on the menu caught my eye.  “Beer battered Perch” was one of the features on the menu.  Does that strike you as a little strange in today’s climate of political correctness?  How do they get away with it?

Rather than make a scene, I decided to put it out on the internet to access the outrage of sensitive, animal-lovers everywhere.  Can you imagine in this day and age of enlightenment that something as battering with beer would be tolerated?  Much less promoted?

I understand that getting slammed by beer seems to be acceptable behavior, especially with the college crowd.  But, battered?  Slammed is a decision made by the victim(?)… Battered is a third party action.  There must be laws against it!

Somewhere out there is a cause-oriented person that will start a movement to right this wrong.  Beer battering perch must stop.  We need to get back to the more time-honored, humane treatment of Perch: hooking, gutting, cutting off their heads, scaling and then frying…in butter.  You know,  take the higher road.


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