THE RAINBOW DIET FOR KIDS. What’s in it for kids to eat a Rainbow?

Discover the Magic of Rainbows
Learn more about Nutrition for Children of All Ages (including Adults)

“Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows” was written to help kids identify with eating a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables.  When I got the idea for the book, I called a good friend, Dr. Jane Oelke, ND, PhD and asked her, “What’s in it for kids to eat a rainbow diet?”  Jane has a Masters Degree in Nutrition and has written several books on Natural Healing.  Her information was invaluable in the story line and the concept of the book.

Here’s what I learned…  The benefits of the rainbow in fresh fruits and vegetables… from a kid’s perspective:

RED:  Helps you bend and stretch, keeps your heart strong and helps you remember.  For the adults, it’s flexibility, cardiovascular health and memory.

ORANGE:  Helps you see better and builds strong bones.  For the adults, improved vision and less brittle bones.

YELLOW: Helps keep you from getting sick.  For the adults, it strengthens your auto-immune system.

GREEN:  Gives you energy, strong bones and healthy teeth.  For the adults,  it gives you more energy,stamina and stronger bones.  Greens are great for dental health.

BLUE/PURPLE:  Helps you see better and keeps your heart strong.  For the adults, better vision and cardiovascular function.

Obviously, all fruits and vegetables help with the issues mentioned but each color has nutrients that aid in specific categories.  The whole food benefit cannot be duplicated by simply taking vitamins and other supplements.  Mother Nature knows best!  For optimum health…EAT A RAINBOW!

If we can get kids to look at their plate and ask their parents (or school lunch provider), “Where’s my rainbow?”, they will have taken a step toward a more healthy diet.  The first step to real change is awareness.  I hope the book will help bring kids to the point of asking questions and making changes in what they eat.  If they actually eat a rainbow, they WILL find a treasure at the end of the rainbow… HEALTH and all the positive things it brings to life!


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