29… AGAIN!

I have a friend (hard to believe, isn’t it?) who happens to share my birthday…Today, April 21st.  She is old enough to get her Senior Discount card punched at Big Boy but insists she’s 29…again.  I couldn’t let it go, so I drew her this cartoon.  She might not be 29 in chronological age but her spirit is.  She’s a joy to be around and constantly reminds others that it’s not the calendar but your attitude that dictates your age.

Now, for me it’s different.  I’m getting all these “Happy Birthday” greetings on Facebook today.  I’m at that age where Happy and Birthday should not be in the same sentence.  I’m still a legend in my own mind… I just forget what it means!  I’d like to tip my hat to Marge but I can’t remember where I put it.

Growing old is an Art Form… and, I’m having trouble drawing inside the lines.

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